Road to the 11th edition of Mister International (2016)

The candidates of Mister International 2016 (11th edition) are now preparing to leave for Bangkok, Thailand to participate in one of the most prestigious international male pageants. Here are the men who will compete for the title of Mister International on February 5-13 in Bangkok, Thailand! The show will stream LIVE on from The Stage @ Asiatique Riverfront at 7pm (ICT), February 13.. 

The pageant was rescheduled because of the death of King Bhumibol of Thailand last October and the request of the Thai government to observe the period of mourning in the country. Mister International 2015 Pedro Mendes of Portugal will crown his successor at the finals night.

Graphic Design of photos below are by Drew Francisco.

James Carne: Mister International Australia 2016
James Carne is 21 years old and had completed an acting course. He moved to Melbourne to audition for Australian TV shows. He has appeared in several magazines and commercials. A wandering traveler, he loves to explore the world and has a passion for motorcycles.


Mitchell Spruyt comes from Hasselt and is a 25-year-old dancer who especially loves hip hop dancing. He performs at events, commercials and courses. His childhood dream was to be able to perform on stage and he is glad he is able to reach that goal. He thinks it is important to do what one likes doing and he feels he is able to express himself in dancing, modeling and acting.

Alex Limpias: Mister International Bolivia 2016
Alex Limpias is a 29-year-old petroleum engineer from Santa Cruz who had overcome many obstacles to record his first album in Argentina. He especially considers Whitney Houston and Ricky Martin for having influence in his life because they follow their passion and created their music with new ideas and originality. This black belt karate expert has a passion for drama, art, martial arts, soccer and theater. He hopes to have his own company one day.
Ivo Cavalcanti: Mister International Brazil 2016
Ivo Cavalcanti is from João Pessoa. He is a 27-year-old professional model. He regularly does sports to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle but sometimes does photography and theater. He hopes to continue working as a model and eventually become a movie actor.

Yoeung Samneang: Mister International Cambodia 2016
Yoeung Samneang hails from Phnom Penh. This 23-year-old model enjoys reading for self-improvement. Besides soccer and swimming, he is trained in drama, singing and Khmer traditional dance. The person he admires the most is his brother who always gives him good advice especially in preparing for his modeling career.
Chris Snyder: Mister International Canada 2016
Chris Snyder is 19 years old and the youngest contestant at the pageant. He studies Kinesiology and Education in his hometown of Rocky Mountain House. He considers himself as a social person who enjoys his time with family and friends. His passion includes sports, camping and hiking. He plans to become a High School Physical Education Teacher.

Shihao Qu: Mister International China 2016
Shihao Qu is proud of his leadership qualities and once organized a charity event with 20 models participating in it. This 19-year-old student from Qingdao studies acting at university. A professionally trained Mongolian dancer, he particularly enjoy dancing and acting. His ultimate goal in life is to act in the big screen and direct movies.

Josef Kůrka: Mister International Czech Republic 2016
Josef Kurka played soccer for one of the best teams in the Czech Republic for 10 years. This 25-year-old fitness trainer and model from Prague thinks that his gray hair make him unique from the other contestants. He enjoys soccer and fitness.
Robin Balses: Mister International El Salvador 2016

Robin Balses is a 29-year-old engineer from San Salvador who will be pursuing his Masters soon. Having played soccer for some time, his new interest is bodybuilding but occasionally does breakdancing. Through his participation in Mister International, he hopes to be his best, learn from others and be an inspiration to people around him.
Jon Kanemoto: Mister International Guam 2016
Jon Kanemoto is a certified medic who likes to paint. This sales associate once helped deliver a new born baby and the role of being a medic in the Air Force has taught him a lot. He is 25 years old, lives in Agana and interests include spending time with his family and friends, as well as playing sports. He plans to be an ER nurse and model.
Kyle Lee: Mister International Hongkong 2016
Kyle Lee, 26, has been playing professional volleyball since junior high school and his team is the champion of the Hong Kong Men's A-League Volleyball Champion 2016. He is also a model who has done several TV commercials, and will soon be making his TV drama debut.

Mudit Malhotra: Mister International India 2016
Mudit Malhotra is a 25-year-old model from New Delhi. He used to stammer as a kid but at the age of 8, he visited The Golden Temple and took a dip in the holy Sarovar that cured his problem. He hopes to establish himself as a successful model and actor and has a zeal in fitness and nutrition. His interests are music, photography, cooking and traveling.

Ichad Liem (Richard Lim): Mister International Indonesia 2016
Richard Lim graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and once worked as a veterinarian in a zoo in Africa. When he was growing up, he often travelled around the city to help earn money for his parents and that had broadened his knowledge on cultural difference in the country and the world. Presently, this 29-year-old Tangerang native works as a country sales manager for a feed nutrition company and hopes to have a huge property with animals roaming freely in the backyard.
Vinicio Modolo: Mister International Italy 2016

Vinicio Modolo is a lover of Rome and Greek history and particular enjoys traveling to places characterized by their cultural and historic attributes. This 23-year-old Computer and Electronic Engineering student from Codogne is an expert in the kitchen whipping out delectable Italian cuisine. He hopes to settle for a career in the fashion industry.

Masaya Yamagishi: Mister International Japan 2016

Masaya Yamagishi is a competitive swimmer and has been practicing the sport for 20 years. Currently he works as a TV personality and gym trainer who was once in-charged of a 97-year-old man’s workout lessons for 2 years. A resident of Kanagawa, this 24-year-old grew up near the sea in Chigasaki and so he is used to swimming instead of playing video games with friends. His interests include photography, running and surfing at sunrise as it calms the soul.

Gooyoung Jung: Mister International Korea 2016

Gooyoung Jung is a 29-year Pilate instructor from Seoul. He was a national archer with the Korean Archery team for 13 years and has won many gold medals for his country. After finishing his military service, he has worked as a chef in his own Italian restaurant and acted in Korean dramas. His future plan is to become a model and actor while continue pursuing his career as a Pilate instructor.
Matiss Pastars: Mister International Latvia 2016

Matiss Pastars is a 21-year-old Civil Engineering student from Koknese. In his spare time, he loves to do sports, take up new challenges and read books on business and human psychology. He once worked as a third category assembler in a hydroelectric power plant.

Paul Iskandar: Mister International Lebanon 2016

Paul Iskandar was born in Paris, France but migrated to Beirut, Lebanon when he was 4 years old. A sports fanatic, he is into basketball, tennis, swimming and fitness. This 24-year-old fitness manager and group exercise instructor hopes to realize his ambition on becoming a lawyer. A very active person, he likes to work a lot to be productive every day. He competed in Lebanon’s Dancing with the Stars.

Lew Voon Khong: Mister International Malaysia 2016

Multilingual Voon Khong Lew from Kuala Lumpur, speaks 5 languages and 2 Chinese dialects. He is a 29-year-old language center manager who is currently learning French and Italian. However, he has set his future sight on becoming an international film actor and entrepreneur. His interests are arts and culture, and performing arts.
Manoly Diaz: Mister International Mexico 2016

Manoly Diaz was trained in artistic interpretation and has a passion for traveling to learn about art and culture. When he is not working in his family’s interior design company, this 23-year-old models. He is very proud that he had worked very hard to keep his family together. His biggest dream is to work in Hollywood and be recognized internationally.

Kyi Phyu Aung: Mister International Myanmar 2016

Kyi Phyu Aung is 23 years old. Besides pursing a degree in Law, this Yangon native is also a director of a company. When he is not studying or working, he enjoys playing the guitar and singing. He has made five donation trips to natural disaster areas in Myanmar helping the flood victims. He hopes to eventually become a famous model and open a unique gym.

Rokesh Tandukar: Mister International Nepal 2016

Rokesh Tandukar hails from Kathmandu. Trained in music, he is into adventure sports and traveling to new places. He once participated and won in the national cricket tournament selection. Presently this 28-year-old works as a freelance graphic designer and multimedia specialist.
Chris Veltkamp: Mister International Netherlands 2016

Chris Veltkamp works in damage control and once served in the military. Born in Bemmel, this 26-year-old was trained in martial arts and dance, and has a passion for sports, fitness, socializing and modeling. He considers himself as a down-to-earth and open person.

Husam Christopher Ahmad Saavedra: Mister International Panama 2016

Husam Ahmad is a 22-year-old university student from Panama City studying Maritime Business Administration. Trained in rap singing, this extreme sports lover is also into motorcycle, gym workout and modeling. He enjoys working on television as it gives him the opportunity to interact with young people, and this inspires him to become a television producer.

Jose Lucas Barros: Mister International Paraguay 2016

Jose Barros is a 25-year-old medical student from Cuidad Del Este. After graduation, he hopes to contribute his knowledge to society. This volleyball and handball lover is also into dance and gym workout. Every year, he is involved in a charity event where they bring food, clothes, shoes and toys to needy people.
Miguel Guia: Mister International Philippines 2016

Miguel Guia considers himself a hardcore gamer. He loves playing video games especially role playing genre but also has a passion for movie and reality shows. When he was in high school, he was trained in special arts where they taught him to compete with other schools. This 27-year-old from San Pablo City hopes to become a Hollywood actor and play a role that audience would love.

Jan Dratwicki: Mister International Poland 2016

Jan Dratwicki is 19 years old and comes from Lodz. With an interest in military and survival activities, he once went on a few holiday camps organized by retired GROM soldiers where he received basic military and first aid training. He is studying Culinary Arts and sees himself as a sports dietician in the future. When he was 5 years old, his mom and grandma had cancer. That incident had influenced him tremendously and made him realize that the most important things in life are those that cannot be bought with money.

Francisco Vergara: Mister International Puerto Rico 2016

Francisco Vergara loves to sing. He hopes to venture into the entertainment industry in the fields of singing, modeling and acting. This 24-year-old flight attendant from San Juan once competed in a national singing competition and was rewarded with one of the proudest moments of his life. With a degree in Physical Therapy, he feels that it has helped him connect to people in need and it is a self-fulfilling experience to help those in need.
Emilio Fayzulini: Mister International Russia 2016

Emil Faizulin is employed as an orchestra artist and is 28 years old. Coming from Lolgograd, this musician is trained in classical and jazz music, especially the saxophone and clarinet, and spends all his time musically. He also works as a martial arts instructor and is into jogging, gym workout and boxing.
Sebastian Foo: Mister International Singapore 2016

Sebastian Foo studies Economics and Finance, and works part-time as a brand ambassador. When he is not studying or working, he likes to pass his time at cafes and museums as it helps him to relax and unwind from the complication of life. Having participated in ultimate for 7 years, this 25-year-old, who comes from Sembawang, had organized several Frisbee tournaments for charity. He has set his future sight on becoming an analyst and actor.

Daniel Torres Moreno: Mister International Spain 2016

Daniel Torres is 27 years old and comes from Malaga. He is currently employed in security and that gives him the opportunity to work with many celebrities and sports personalities. He is proud of his chosen career as the safety of his clients lies on his shoulders. He has been playing professional soccer regionally in Spain since 6 years old, winning in many matches. However, it is boxing that he loves and he had emerged champ several times. He was once chosen from among hundreds to act in a British reality TV show despite not being able to speak English!

Daniel Rene DeZilva Wijewardena: Mister International Sri Lanka 2016

Daniel de Zilva is a 23-year-old native of Colombo. Currently he is studying Aviation in a German flying school and is also employed as a receptionist in a sports center. In his free time, he models and acts. As a child, he was overweight but managed to shed the extra pounds. He hopes to inspire people to achieve their dreams.
Anthony Perez - Mister International USA 2016

Anthony Perez who hails from Miami, Florida is a 20-year-old model and journalism student. When he was in high school, he did 500 hours of community service. He is extremely proud to be the first person in his family to graduate from high school and attend college. His interests include gym workout, cooking and handyman work. His eventual career path is in real estate investing.

Kittikun Tansuhas: Mister International Thailand 2016

Kittikun Tansuhas once volunteered as a teacher in YMCA. Having trained in cover dance, this 25-year-old receptionist from Chiangmai played table tennis for 5 years. As the eldest in the family, he feels responsible towards his siblings. With plans to owning a bicycle shop, his ultimate career path is to become a flight steward or actor.
Walfred Crespo: Mister International Venezuela 2016

Walfred Crespo is a 22-year-old Administration student from Cabimas. A karate expert, he has modeled and done commercials in his native Venezuela. He once volunteered his time in an institution that is responsible for developing community social work, where he had the opportunity to participate in the construction of a recreational park for the community. He hopes to see himself as an actor and achieve great things within the artistic medium.

Nguyễn Tiến Đạt: Mister International Vietnam 2016

Nguyen Tien Dat is a 23-year-old personal trainer from Hanoi who is also trained in kickboxing. His interests include soccer and music. He is especially proud of his country that he describes it as a place with kind, friendly and loving people. His ambition is to become a successful businessman.

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